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Rapidly growing businesses often struggle to build teams at the same pace.

In a market where demand invariably outweighs available tech talent, traditional approaches to recruitment can sometimes fail to deliver. When you need to hire for a business-critical role, or have a recruiting project needing quick results, sometimes we need to go beyond the usual mountain we climb.

Summit is our premium talent solution aimed at meeting just this need, delivering a comprehensive service that allows you to stay focused on what you do best while we take care of finding, attracting and securing the best talent in the market.

You retain us exclusively and we put the full force of Found behind your successful hire.

Dedicated Account Manager- overseeing and working collaboratively with our talented Delivery team, ensuring we deliver only the best and within agreed timeframes

Increased Efficiency – Reduce time-to-hire by 45% and increase interview-to-hire ratio to 60%

Exclusive Candidate Pool – our team search, outreach and screen for you and you alone

Guarantee of Completion – you don’t have to hope that adverts will work or an agency will get around to prioritising you, you have our undivided attention until the position is filled (and even beyond)​

Video Introductions – CVs can give a lot of depth about hard facts, but tend to offer very little about personality and soft-skills.We provide short video introductions with candidates for review

1st stage interviews – we conduct these via video in your own branded interview rooms, asking questions pre-agreed with your hiring manager, saving time for both them and internal talent teams. These are recorded and available for you to review at any time

Technical AssessmentWhere appropriate, we can select and administer a range of modern technical tests, presenting you with real examples of a candidate’s work to see if they’re up to your standards

Transparent Pricing Structure with Flexible Payment PlansWe commit as your partner to deliver cost-savings, with reducing costs on volume hires and an enhanced rebate period to share the risk