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No matter which role or client we are working with, what we do comes down to one thing - people. The ‘human element’ gets forgotten all too often in the rush to keep up with business growth and project deadlines, particularly in the technology world, and this is something we are passionate about changing.

Here at Found we make it our mission to understand the candidates we work with not just as engineers, architects, consultants, statisticians or whatever else your role may be – but as the real, genuine person beyond the job title. We can’t honestly advise you on your future career if we don’t understand your likes, dislikes, ambitions, even the personal and family side are vital so we can match you with a role, and company, that works best for your life. We’re firm advocates of finding the right balance and whilst we can’t influence most aspects of your life, we can certainly make a difference in ensuring you’re happy in a fulfilling, stimulating and gratifying position. Given how much time the average person spends at work, that’s pretty important right?

Don’t get us wrong though, we still make sure that we know our markets, tech and clients. We’re not engineers and we know our limits, but rest assured that we know our Java from JavaScript and that we’ll ‘get you’ when you’re talking about configuration, integration, migration, and even grander sounding topics like deconstructing a monolith application (but we’d normally just say micro-services 😉).

Ultimately, we fully understand why many are cynical towards the recruitment industry, so if you like the sound of us then have a look through some of our current openings and give us the chance to change your perception. We look forward to working with you.

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